Pilgrimage with Saint Michael the Archangel


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Start. The St. Michael images in Austria Schoenstatt | GermanyHohenzell | Loreto Italy

Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome

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San Giovanni Rotondo ItalyMonte Sant'Angelo Italy,

Mont Saint Michel, FranceMount Saint Michael, Cornwall

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The grotto of the apparition of  St. Michael

The angels according to the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Part 6

The apparition of St. Michael to S.t Paul of the Cross

Saint Michael's Parish

The window the Archangel Saint Michael in Vaxjo.
The window the Archangel Saint Michael in Vaxjo.

Our journey starts from the catholic church of Saint Michael in Vaxjo. During the spring of 1999 a new window with the archangel Michael was put up in the staircase that leads up to the new gallery in the church. The window was created by the glass-artist Winfried Baier in Tranas after the old original window from the church of Saint Anne; the Passionist fathers' first church in England.

St Paul of the Cross 1694-1775, who founded the Passions order, had during a critical moment in his life a revelation of the Archangel Saint Michael. Since then St. Michael is one of the Passions order’s most important patron saints. That is why it is common to find images of the archangel Michael in the churches of the Passionist fathers. Because the Passionists have founded the catholic parish in Vaxjo, it has St Michael the Archangel as it's patron saint.


Saint Michael's parish church in Hohenzell in Austria

The first sanctuary consacrated to the Archangen Saint Michael we come to is situated in "Ober Österreich"; in the northern part of Austria. Saint Michael's Parish in Hohenzellis a sister-parish to us, which has contributed to the crucifix of our cemetery.


Saint Michael the Archangel in "the three times Wonderful Mother's" grace-chapel in Schoenstatt, Vallendar close to Koblenz in western Germany.

The Shoenstatt-movement has during many years contributed generously to our yearly parish basar.


Saint Michael in "la basilica della Casa santa" in loreto, Italy. The artist'n name is Guido Reni 1575-1642.

The original is found in the Cappucchin Fathers church "Chiesa dell'Immacolata concezione" in Rome.