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The Catholic Converts' ConnectionThe Coming Home Network

The Catholic Church And ConversionEWTN

Henry Cardinal

G. K. Chesterton Wikipedia

The catholic church and conversion by G. K. ChestertonEWTN

C. S.

C.S. LewisWikipedia

Malcolm MuggeridgeWikipedia

Why I Am Becoming A Catholic Malcolm

Malcolm Muggeridge's Conversion

Evelyn WaughWikipedia

The Conversion of Evelyn Waugh & the Fine Art of Keeping One's Head. The story of the conversion of the great English writer Evelyn Waugh to the Catholic faith. CERC

Hilaire BellocWikipedia

How to Become a CatholicCatholic Answers

The Scott Hahn conversion story: Protestant Minister Becomes Catholic Scott HahnEWTN

The Scott Hahn Conversion StoryCERC

The Coming Home Network InternationalComing Home Network

Personal Testimonies -Journeys Home: a former Presbyterian pastorComing Home Network


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