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About apologetics

Starting Out As An

How To Deal With

12 Painless Ways to EvangelizeThat Really Old-Time

12 Painless Ways to EvangelizeTick,

"I don't feel comfortable working in apologetics because I don't have a theology degree. Any suggestions?"

"I'm interested in having a debates with some anti-Catholics.Any suggestions?"

"Where can I get apologetics materials in Spanish?"

"Which is more important for an apologist, holiness or knowledge?"

"Where can I find a good school of apologetics?"

"Although I know what the Church teaches, I have no idea where to go to find out when and where the Church officially defined all of its teachings. Can you recommend anything?"

"Is is true that the new universal catechism is for clergy, not lay people?"

"I'm tired of all of this theological stuff. Why can't we have the simple gospel of Jesus?"

"I can't believe anything religion teaches. I consider myself a rational person. If I can't see it, then I don't believe it."

"Doesn't the fact that religions contradict each otherimply that they are all wrong?"

"Since there are so many religions in the world, the odds of picking the right one are very low. Shouldn't I just be an agnostic?"

"Hard Time, Hard Questions" by Rick Culp and Tom Meagher


Apologetic homesites


The holy bible

Canon, Translations, Interpretations

Is the Bible Inspired?


Defending the

The Old Testament

The Old Testament Canon

Divino Afflante Spiritu (Papal doc.)

The Court of

The Religion of

The Jesus

How to Choose a Bible

Bad Translations in the King James

The King James Version (review & critique)


Deuterocanonical References in the New

Canon of the Old

Canon of the New


"Is it true that the Council of Trent added the seven deuterocanonical books?"

"How can I defend the book of Judith against Fundamentalistattacks which charge it with historical accuracies?"

"Is the Collegeville Bible Commentary a good Scripture commentary?"

"I read a book by a Scripture scholar who said the Bible is inerrant only in religious matters that pertain to our salvation. He quoted Vatican II as the source of this 'limited inerrancy' doctrine."

"In the Bible, one passage says that Solomon had 4,000horse stalls and another passage says that he had 40,000. What should I make of this?"

"Does the ark of the covenant still exist somewhere?"

"What exactly is an ark, anyway?"

"I heard that someone discovered a 'secret Gospel of Mark'; is there any truth to this?

The Credibility of the

The History of the Canon of Sacred

Inclusive LanguageEWTN

The Book of Revelation


Sola Scriptura & Tradition

The Bible Alone? That’s Not What the Bible Says

Apostolic Tradition What the Early Church Believed

"Oral Tradition in the New Testament" by David

Protestants and Sola Scriptura3 Big Problems with the Protestant Doctrine of "Sola Scriptura" (Scripture Alone)

Inspiration, Tradition, and

Practical Problems of Sola

Two Canons: Scripture and

What is the Gospel ?

Sola Scriptura and Private

"If Jesus didn't believe the Bible was the sole rule of faith,why did he quote it in disputes?"

"The Church says that Tradition doesn't change,but when I look at all of the changes in the past few years, it seems to me that it does. Explain this to me."

"Doesn't Revelation 22 render the Catholic doctrine of Tradition unviable?"

Apostolic Tradition What the Early Church


Faith & science

Dogmatic Darwinism by Michael Behe  - CRISIS

Darwin Under the Microscope James P Gills  -

Darwin Under the Microscope by Michael J. Behe-

Michael J. Behe - ARN Authors Page -

The Quarrel the Evolutionists Started by Janine Langan  - CERC

The Evolution of Darwin by Dinesh D'Souza - CERC

The Pope and the Apes by George Sim Johnston  - CERC

The Genesis Controversy by George Sim Johnston  - CERC

Why Catholics Like Einstein by George Sim Johnston -  CERC

Science  - CERC


Reformation & protestantism



Sola fide & salvation


Other denominations

British Israelism


Up from

God in Three PersonsWhat the Early Church

Trinitarian BaptismWhat the Early Church Believed

The Seventh Day Adventists


What Biblical redity is there, if any, to change the Sabbath from the Seventh day of the week to the First day of the week?

"Some Seventh-Day Adventists claim that the letters in one of the pope's titles add up to 666--the 'number of the beast' spoken of in Revelation 13. Is this true?"


Sabbath or Sunday?



A Tiptoe Through TULIP - On Calvinism/Predestination Judge

The "Lost Tribes" Of Herbert W.

"An Anglican priest tells me that his holy orders are validand that he can consecrate the Eucharist and grant absolution. I've heard the opposite is true. What is the Catholic position?"

"Who are the Christadelphians and what do they believe?"

"Christadelphians claim that many peoplewill never be awakened from death. How can this be refuted?"

"Some Church of Christ members argue thattheirs must be the true church, since it has a biblical name. Are they right?"

"Is there still a sacrificial Jewish priesthood today? Is it Levitical?"

Did Protestants alter the Bible?

"Evangelicals Who Journey East" by Fr. Ray

Facts & Misconceptions - CERC

Anti-Catholicism (Index Page for Apologist Dave Armstrong)



Eastern Orthodoxy


FilioqueWhat the Early Church

A Response to Orthodox Critiques of Catholic ApostolicityDave


Miscellany on the Catholic Faith






Persecution of Christians

Anti-Catholicism is hostility towards Catholics and opposition to the Catholic Church, its clergy, and its adherents. Wikipedia

Anti-Protestantismis bias, hatred or distrust against some or all branches of Protestantism and/or its followers. Wikipedia

Persecution The Church has suffered many kinds of persecution. But most deplorable of all persecutions have been those that Catholicism has suffered from other Christians. With regard to these it has to be considered that the Church herself has appealed to force, and that, not only in her own defense, but also, so it is objected, in unprovoked

The Twentieth Century, II: Orthodoxy and the Militant Atheistspdf

Persecution of Christians in the Soviet UnionWikipedia

Persecution of Christians in Soviet Czechoslovakia?

Stalinism and the Catholic Church during the Era of World War

The Martyrs of

Martyrs mirror of the defenseless Christiansfrom the classic history of 16th century Anabaptist martyrs, this thousand-page collection of personal narratives and prison letters is a mirror reflecting the hearts of real Christians preparing to die for the love of God.


Persecution of Christians Catholic Educator's Resource Center CERC

Their Blood Cries Out: The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World by MICHAEL HOROWITZ Catholic Educator's Resource Center

Their Blood Cries Out: The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World by PAUL MARSHALL & LELA GILBERT  Catholic Educator's Resource Center

Terror Against the Church - "Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today and that persecution is intensifying" - by NINA SHEA Catholic Educator's Resource Center

Communism is Secular



Converts to the Catholic faith

Coming Home NetworkThe Coming Home Network exists to help you find fellowship and support from others who have made the journey home to the Catholic Church

Catholic Conversion: An Interview with Derrick Taylor

The unexpected way On Converting from Buddhism to Catholicism Paul Williams pdf

List of converts to CatholicismWikipedia

Converts And

Christians from a Church of Christ become CatholicHear the stories of Christians from a Church of Christ background whose journeys led them to become Catholic.

St. Henry Cardinal

T.S. Eliot on Society and

G. K. Chesterton Wikipedia

The catholic church and conversion by G. K. ChestertonEWTN

G.K. Chesterton: Champion of

G.K. Chesterton's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong)

Graham Greene (1904-1991)  In 1926 he converted to Roman Catholicism, later explaining that 'I hand to find a religion... to measure my evil against.' Books and Writers

C. S. Lewis Wikipedia

Malcolm MuggeridgeWikipedia

Malcolm Muggeridge Converted After Reading ‘Humanae Vitae’

Malcolm Muggeridge's Conversion Story

Catholic Converts British and American Intellectuals Turn to Rome By Patrick Allitt The New York Times


Evelyn Arthur St John

Sir Alec Guinness: A Star Beyond Star

Alec Guinness Wikipedia

The miracle that led Sir Alec Guinness to convert to

The Online Books Page Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953)

Sigrid Undset (1882-1949) In 1924 she converted to the Roman Catholic faith. In her later novels, such as  religion plays an important role. Her own religious developed is reflected from 1929, The Wild Orchid, 1930, The Burning Bush, and 1936, The Faithful Wife. Books and Writers Wikipedia

The Steady Stream Homeby Marcus Grodi EWTN

Protestant Pastors on the Road to Rome by Elisabeth Althan EWTN

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus (Outside the Church there is no salvation) by Michael J. Mazza EWTN

Ronald Knox's Conversion Story (ed. Dave Armstrong)

Personal Testimonies -Journeys Home: a former Presbyterian pastorEWTN YouTube

Becoming a Catholic: Taking the First Step (Daniel L. Mode) EWTN

List of converts to Cathlicism: Biographies of famous (and lesser known) people who were seeking the meaning of life, and ended up joining the Catholic Church.Wikipedia

Lutheran Pastor Leaving to Be a Catholic Priest He decided to join the Catholic Church when the Reformed Church in France decided to give communion to unbaptized people. ZENIT

Converts to Roman Catholicism from JudaismWikipedia


Articles and resources related to conversion



(1) The Pillars of Unbelief - Machiavelli by Peter Kreeft  -

(2) The Pillars of Unbelief - Nietzsche by Peter Kreeft  -

(3) The Pillars of Unbelief - Karl Marx by Peter Kreeft  -

(4) The Pillars of Unbelief - Kant by Peter Kreeft  -  

(5) The Pillars of Unbelief - Freud by Peter Kreeft -

(6) The Pillars of Unbelief - Sartre by Peter Kreeft  -

True and False Humanism by James Hitchcock  - CERC


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