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The Chaplet of Saint Michael the Archangel EWTN

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Angels: The Blessed Messengers of God - Abbot Alexender (Mileant)/Orthodox Perspective

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Guardian angels Catholic teachings regarding guardian angels

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The Doctrine of Angels

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Summa Theologica (The Angels)

Holy Angles The Angels - messengers from a loving God

Angel Series Books

Daily Prayer to Guardian Angel

Prayer to St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael Catholics strivung for holiness

Seven stages of discerning priesthood

Work of the Holy AngelsOpus Sanctorum Angelorum

San Miguel del Milagro Nativitas, Tlaxcala The San Miguel del Milagro Shrine

Artworks of the Angels Exhibition - Vatican museums

El Ángel de Fátima - 80 aniversario

"Do non-Christians have guardian angels?" Catholic Answers

Are angels beings or just symbols of cosmic principles? Catholic Answers




Evidence of satan in the modern world

Does the Catholic Church believe in the devil?

The Devil: The Hidden Enemy Catholic Culture


America's Satanic Panic Returns — This Time Through QAnon



Exorcismus in satanam et angelos apostaticos Jussu Leonis Pp. XIII editus

The power of holy waterRelevant radio

An Exorcism Prayer - Warning: To be said by a Priest only

Begone Satan! An exorcism which occurred in Iowa in 1928

The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey by Father Michael Müller, C.S.S.R.


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